what is the biggest lie you have ever been cought in?

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    When I was a junior in high school, I skipped my first class to go to Fresno to pick up my band instrument (alto sax) from the music store. I took a friend with me.  When we left, I noted we'd be back in time for third period, at which time she said she thought we were cutting for the whole day.  OK.  We decided to do something different, and a map in my mom's car showed us that San Francisco was a short 3 hour drive. 
    We had a good time, spent everything but dime in case we needed to make a phone call, and started for home.  Didn't know we'd need a quarter to cross the bridge, but that's another story.
    Sadly, EVERYONE in school knew we had cut school that day.  My mom had gotten a ride to town at noon to pick up the car because she had errands to do and needed the car.

    I suppose the lie wasn't BIG, cutting school not a huge deal in those days, but the fact that we'd gone all the way to SF was gigantic. People thought we should be suspended; the general "punishment" was a week of after-school detention.   

    Uh, the check is in the mail............



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