OUR Bob/PKB has hit the 300K.........Congrats from KOTF

    My fleamily salute you Mi Lady.

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    To KOTF and my friends here at akaQA, thank you so much for your good wishes. I love to be here and spend time with you. Here's to akaQA and KARMA for everybody, with or without ice. (Picture martini glass here). Love you all, even Umbriel :D BOB

    ^ 5, PKB

    21 Answers

    Good job! Well done :)

    You're the only  bean that doesn't give me gas. Cool Congratulations to you!

     I was watching, I was watching but got distracted (damn James). I'm so glad you hit 300K, you've worked so hard for it. Glad to see you here. Thanks for being my friend.................jhh


    I'm watching you Julie almost 1/2 million! SOON!

    Thank you, I'll get there soon enough but, isn't Bob a great hit!?!?!?

    Good Job Bobby it's always such a joy to see your answers , please keep um coming..!!

    Go Bob Go! Keep Collecting! Love your answers! and Questions!

    :) Well done Bob :)



    TO YOU TOO!!!

    We would love to give you an ovation.   However, due to the Australian flood, our hands are all tied by human beings.  We baby bats are all batty over your accomplishments, Bob/PKB.  Congratulations.




    Thy are so sweet!

    Yum yum, doo?

    Congrats., Ms. Bob,  HEY everybody Drinks on the house (Bob's Tab)!!!  CHEERS!!!!


    D--n all, I drink is Pepsi too!!!


    Hey Bob....Need I say more? (Wasn't sure which kind :)  Congratulations!!!


    Those beans are cool or should I say cool beans?


    Well it must have been a lot of hard work but you did it. Keep Going :)


    I had marks on my forehead the other night from having this happen to me,

    Great achievement and so very well deserved..Congratulation! You work hard for your money-oops I mean Karma points.

    I heard your getting a buck a point. I'm told the south of France is wonderful this time of year. My bags are packed. Hint: I prefer a suite with a spectacular view above the sixth floor as opposed to a villa. TU kiddo.


    I'm going, too.
    ed shank

    I'll take care of the ride to the airport, the rest is on your rich a$$.

    1st class tickets waiting.
    ed shank

    I actually hate flying, but given the destination and the charming company, I will make this my one last exception.

    We could cruise, if you'd rather. I have all the time in the world, and over $300K to blow. :D
    ed shank

    I gotta snap out of this, I'm feelin warm breezes and hearing a lot of French people talking in the backgroud.

    I'm brushing up on my high school French. Thinking of renting a condo there for the summer. I've got the money; why not!
    ed shank

    I'll be more than happy to help you piss it away. I must warn you, I have a propensity towards extravagance.

    I could use the lessons. This could work. :D

    Are you going to France? I don't know what this is about. I came in late.

    itsmee, if I could get a buck for every karma point, I think I would take up ed shank on the offer; we're just kidding...

    Good for you!  :)





    PKB...honey is this you? :) jk congrats :D

    Good on you, congratulations.

    Congrats to Our Bob!!!!!!!  The gophers are in your yard packing their stuff to move as I type!!

    WOW great work, and well deserved, what can I beans!!

    Just saw the post. Congratulations Bob/PKB, on your 300k! Job well done! Keep giving great answers and getting those thumbs up...



    ""300 BIG ONES , Congratulations Ms. Bob, kewp 'um coming.:)

    Bob: I really enjoy talking to you. I think you are super dooper  cool beans and that about says it all.

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