Did anyone else notice that in Australia years ago- The dingo did take the baby? It has been ruled on by a judge! The mother was arrested for murder years ago! I always thought this was just a story! Turns out the dingo was the bad guy!

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    Bad dingo!



    Canberra, Australia in 1980 couple say a dingo took their baby. Mother was convicted and later cleared of murdering her baby! Coroner agrees dingo took the baby!

    Lindy who?????


    Yes, I did read about that a while ago. Sometimes the "wild, outlandish" stories need to be checked into a bit better. 

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    Its been going on for 31 years.

    I am still yet to understand how a Dingo could use sizzors, smart dogs our Australian dogs are :/

    I read up on it recently from information I got here.  I sincerely wonder how the judge could make that determination all these many years later.  I think it is one of those cases that will never be truly resolved.  If it brings closure to the loved ones, so be it. 


    Congrats on the 300K, I really was trying to watch for it. So glad @ROMOS caught it....!

    Thank you, my friend. You're next :D

    This has been a case that has divided Australia , I never thought Lindy did it nor did I ever believe a Dingo did it , I still believe the son did it.

    I think the Aboriginals must be training the Dingo to eat the white fella because I would have thought they would have been taking the native children for years.

    Sad thing was that child had down syndrome so, there was always going to be suspicion around the case , only the dingo knows.

      But I do not know many mothers whom would take there 9 week old baby camping in the bush let alone the Australian outback..

    We will never know ...

    I've heard of the story but apparently not all of it. I avoided the movie..........

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    It has been a mixed up by the media. The movie was rubbish lol the fake accent did it bugger all justice.

    A man confessed to shooting a dingo that had a babies body in it and he apparently buried the body some where, the story just gets better with time.

    Wow. Like our "Yogurt Shop" murders,,,,,,,,,?
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    Never heard of the yogurt shop murders..

    We will never know some say they seen a dingo take the baby others didn't ..

    But that little baby will always be remembered sadly by this saying "the dingo took my baby".

    I have been to Fraser Island they are pretty wild there but only if you feed them generally they stay away.
    With crowds they run from the noise. But juts like dogs you feed them and they become loyal to them.

    We will never know.. If the sky could speak.

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