I am travelling to New York via Sydney Domestic Airport transferring to Sydney International Airport on flight no. QF505. This flight arrives in Sydney at 08:35. We need to get to the INternational airport for our flight departing at 10:00. What is the best way for us to go to the International airport in time? What happens to our luggage?

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    You're supposed to get to the airport 2 hours in advance. Then, check your luggage. If you change planes, your luggage will be transferred automatically to your next plane, b/c it will have your destination tag on it.

    Mycatsmom is right.Don't worry about it.Your luggage will be automatically transferred & you will be advised of a shuttle bus to the international terminal.If they don't tell you ASK!

    This is akqa we are not the airport. We answer general questions. You need to call your travel agent or airline. As far as I know all international flights land at the international airport. You need to go through immigration and customs before you leave.

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