White powder (mildew?) on my plants. Flowers, vegetables. How to annihilate?

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    I'd first try sprinkling with a mild soap and water solution, soak the infected parts. Soap is good for getting rid of pest (like grubs) and doesn't harm the plant. Simple solutions should start you out.......

    ed shank

    Wife did exactly that on her plants recently and they all look good again. I still prefer the plastic ones.

    Thanks Julie. I can do that without going to the store! :D

    Once Your Plants are Infected:

    Remove and destroy all infected plant parts
    Improve air circulation by thinning and pruning
    Don’t fertilized until the problem is corrected. Powdery mildew favors young, succulent growth
    Don’t water plants from above
    Apply a fungicide: There are many fungicides available. Check the label to be sure they are safe and effective on the type of plant that is infected. Look for ingredients such as: potassium bicarbonate, neem oil, sulfur or copper. There are also chemical fungicides, such as triforine, that can be used on ornamental plants. There is also a home remedy made from baking soda that is effective.
    Most fungicides will need repeat applications every 7 - 14 days, for continuous protection. Always follow the label instructions for both application and waiting period before harvest.>>>>

    For mild infestations of Powdery Mildew/Rust, dissolve 1 tablespoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda in 1 Gallon of Water and spray or use a watering can to soak the foliage. Repeat every other day.


    I thought it was something simple. Thank you. I'll get right on it.

    Replace with plastic flowers.


    I don't eat plastic tomatoes, you nitwit!
    ed shank


    OK, I DO take artificial flowers to the cemetery. They last until someone steals them.
    ed shank

    Artificial flowers are a no no in Jersey where the majority of the family is buried. They are removed almost immediately.

    A couple of years ago, there was a woman going from cemetery to cemetery, picking up the poinsettia plants that were on the gravesites at Christmas time. She was selling them on a street corner for $3 each.
    Thankfully, she got arrested. I would say, "Can you imagine such a thing!" but I'm sure you can.
    ed shank

    Where I grew up, they dug up the dead and stole their gold. That's no s**t.

    I believe you; I kinda thought the funeral parlors swiped the gold teeth, though. :(

    All powdery mildew fungi require living plant tissue to grow. The important thing about this disease is all powdery mildew species can germinate and get infected in the absence of water, even though humidity requirements for germination vary.

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