Did you know that a man who is still single into his 40s is single for a reason? Either he has no social etiquette whatsoever or he’s a player, just looking for his next wrestle.

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    some men like that have a committmant phobia. Not only do they not want marriage, they do NOT want kids, either.

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    It used to be the natural order of things. Everyone these days has different priorities. There is a reason for everything.


    There's a lot of truth in that.

    An o'l mate from the sixties who is still a bachelor, he is so set in his ways that no woman will live with him, only for a very short time,  i think his main problem he treated women like pieces of meat , as young guys at the time, we were envious of all the girls he had, but we were the lucky ones to have long term relationship aka marriage, he will end up a very lonely man. ( he is in his sixties now) We hav'nt seen him for years as he has nothing in common any more with any of us.


    I know someone like that bulletman, he was always like it and still is and he's in his sixties too.

    I know someone like that bulletman, he was always like it and still is and he's in his sixties too.

    He lives in England now and is a regular on this forum....LOL.

    Romos alias Romeo. lol.

    Misunderstood My Laird!
    I live in Scotland!

    Bullet , He sounds like my ex-finace' ......a sociopath

    It used to be the natural order of things. Everyone these days has different priorities. There is a reason for everything.

    I met my husband after having been married twice previously, he had always been single, never even lived with a woman, he was 52, we met in Sydney where we both worked, I thought he had an arrogant attitude and didn't care much for him, until after a few years I learned the arrogance was a barricade and he was very shy, we are both happier than we have ever been, I've been blessed to meet my single 52 (at the time) husband.


    Happiness has no age barrier, pleased to hear you are both happy! :)

    That is a very good story and I wish you all the luck in the world. It's not like that with most people. That's kind of like the story about the 40 year old virgin. He was a 52 year old virgin? And how old were you? Were you a virgin? I am a 59 year old virgin!....................right!

    Thanks bulletman and don, it was me that had previously been married, I don't think for a minute that my husband had been celibate prior to our marriage,but had not ever had any serious relationships,we are both very lucky to have met and wished we had when we were younger,but I believe we were meant to meet when we did

    p.s dondowningir,I was 46, I'm now 54

    You truly are blessed.I am happy for you.

    I personally think it is good that an individual knows and realizes what are the priorities in their life, and the definite difference between living to just do for yourself versus living life to be there for everyone else in your life. Family takes commitment of one's self, and that means giving up that single lifestyle...and a person should probably only enter into that when they're ready for it! Look at how many people try to take on careers that are best suited for a single person, while they are trying to live the family way of life and spouses end up with someone they grow up or older with while mostly knowing them as a voice over the phone. (No one is really happy having a parent or spouse that is never there!) Has anyone ever heard the resentment of someone who grew up as a child like that? I have, it is even sad to envision the pain a person conveys of having experienced it throughout their whole's like they have a feeling of abandonement.


    you are so right, my first husband and I divorced after 17 years of trying to maintain a marriage and his career that often kept him overseas for 8 or more months a year, didn't work, the kids didn't even know who he was when they were little

    I agree with both of you. I knew a man who did not get married until he was 54 years old. His wife had been married before. They were a very happy couple.

    most long-time bachelors prefer to marry a woman who's been married before, as opposed to a woman who's never been married.

    Soul mates can be allusive in times like ours.


    That's just an excuse.

    Eggie in this day and age i think in some cases the role has reversed aka Cougar.

    I believe marriage in the eyes of the law and marriage in the eyes of God are different. I know a long time back that Fathers did not want to see their daughters taken off by some man without any kind of safe guards in place for her. The government has then stepped in and put their two cents into with tax breaks etc.

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