how many children did queen victoria have

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    Nine children:

    Children of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert:
    Victoria Adelaide Mary, Princess Royal, born November 21, 1840
    married Frederick III of Germany
    Kaiser Wilhelm II, German Emperor
    Duchess Charlotte of Saxe-Meiningen
    Prince Henry of Prussia
    Princess Victoria
    Sophie of Prussia, Queen of Greece
    Princess Margarete of Hesse

    Albert Edward, King of England as Edward VII, born November 9, 1841
    married Princess Alexandra of Denmark
    Duke Albert Victor Christian
    King George V
    Louise Victoria Alexandra, Princess Royal
    Victoria Alexandra Olga
    Princess Maude Charlotte Mary
    Alexander John (John)

    Alice Maud Mary, born April 25, 1843
    married Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse
    Princess Victoria Alberta of Hesse
    Elizabeth, Grand Duchess
    Princess Irene of Hesse
    Ernest Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse
    Alexandra, Tsarina of Russia

    Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh and of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, born August 6, 1844
    married Marie Alexandrovna, Grand Duchess, Russia
    Prince Alfred
    Marie of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Queen of Romania
    Victoria Melita of Edinburgh, Grand Duchess
    Princess Alexandra
    Princess Beatrice

    Helena Augusta Victoria, born May 25, 1846
    married Prince Kristian of Schleswig-Holstein
    Christian Victor
    Duke Albert of Schleswig-Holstein
    Princess Helena Victoria
    Princess Maria Louise
    Frederick Harold

    Louise Caroline Alberta, born March 18, 1848
    married John Campbell, Duke of Argyll, Marquis of Lorne

    Arthur William Patrick, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, born May 1, 1850
    married Duchess Louise Margaret of Prussia
    Margaret of Sweden, Crown Princess
    Duke Arthur of Connaught
    Patricia, Lady Ramsay

    Leopold George Duncan, Duke of Albany, born April 7, 1853
    married Princess Helena Frederica of Waldeck
    Princess Alice of Athlone
    Duke Charles Edward

    Beatrice Mary Victoria, born April 14, 1857
    married Prince Henry of Battenberg
    Marquess Alexander of Carisbrooke
    Victoria Eugenie, Queen of Spain
    Prince Maurice

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