Can Childsupport be taken out of my Social Security, if thats my only Monthly Income?

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    Anyone receiving Social Security disability, and subject to a child-support order, may have his benefits attached or garnished for child-support payments. The court that holds jurisdiction over the divorce decree and child-support order must first issue an order advising SSA, which will deduct the monthly amount from your disability payment.

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    I think so. It is easier than arguing over the amount due though.......

    If you receive Social Security your Child(ren) are eligible for benefits off your SSA claim, they pay 50% of your benefit amount (For ex.- Your amt. 850.00/mo, the child would receive $425.00/mo.) but your benefits aren't reduced any.  Now, if you receive SSI Supplemental Income, they can't take any amount and the child isn't eligible for any benefits.


    I always get so confused with SSI...does supplemental mean if you have a job you work at but do not earn enough at it?

    If your disabled SSI will pay depending on your assets. For Ex., if you were able to work before becoming disabled but, you didn't earn enough to be at Soc. Sec. level SSI will pay (You receive SSA- $425.00, SSI then will pay$293.00) it's all based upon individuals, some can receive less but never more than what they consider substantial earnings. Just regular SSI receives $698.00, if one receives both their total would-be $718.00 due to SSA rules.

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