Does anyone have a favourite and easy Indonesian/Asian dish

    We have another fundraiser, and I need to take a dish from that region, it needs to be reasonably portable and re heated, and as much as I hate to admit it I am not a great cook, any ideas?

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    I love this but I leave out the Coriander, that's a personal thing though, I hate Coriander.

    This is a fabulous treat for summer barbecue's with a fresh salad and French bread or even a quick supper with Indonesian fried rice.

    500 gr. of Beef, Pork or Chicken

    1 Onion
    1 Garlic clove
    30 ml Dark Soya sauce
    1 teaspoon Coriander powder
    1 teaspoon Lemon Grass
    1 teaspoon Hot Chilli paste
    1 glass red wine (optional)
    30 ml water

    Dice the meat in to 2 cm square cubes and put onto bamboo skewers(about 4 per stick).
    Combine all the marinade ingredients into a food processor and make into a smooth paste. Pour this over the prepared sate's and leave to marinade for at least 2 hours.
    Cook the sate's on the barbecue or under the grill for 5 -10 min. until done and serve with hot Peanut Sauce.


    Thank you Romos, sounds really nice and would work, everyone here has a BBQ and I'm with you on the coriander, one of the few herbs I dislike

    I'd give it a shot but am too lazy to convert the amounts to something that makes sense to me. I LOVE coriander (cilantro), I'd double the amount...

    I'm not coming round to yours tonight Julie.....Coriander??? YEUGHHH!!!

    Maybe "Chicken Fried Steak"?

    what is "chicken fried steak?"

    Cubed steak in a chicken batter and fried with cream gravy. A staple here in Texas......
    country bumpkin

    ROMOS knows all about Chicken Fried Steak.. (*~*)

    I LOVE shredded pork w/garlic sauce but finding a restaurant that makes it well is rough. Maybe someday I'll give it a shot at home W/coriander on the side, whole leafs......


    No coriander, Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssseeeeee!!!!

    It's an acquired taste......

    It's like eating perfume......if that's possible?

    I thought more like candle wax, though I shouldn't compare, haven't really eaten any candles, just smells like that to me, perhaps a bit like the perfume to Romos

    Start learning to like it by enjoying pico de gallo (if I spelled it right).....

    I know what you mean Julie but I can detect the slightest hint of it in anything.........
    I hate the stuff!!!!!

    Such a shame and a loss. My plant will be dead before you ever make it to Texas anyhow....

    Try Indonesian Satay Chicken but instead of making time consuming kabobs...use chicken wings instead...brown them in the oven or in the pan ...add sauce last...simmer and then pour into a casserole for serving...yummy and different...lessen the "hot" but only if you must!

    Recipe link here lambshank>>>





    Thanks lindilou, I have some spare time at the moment so may actually take a few things, I'm grateful for the link

    You mention a fundraiser ....... Do you sell the dish? I find egg rolls something that everyone likes. There are many recipes which can be found by googleing "egg roll recipe", and they are so easy to make, even I can do it.


    Flip,we don't sell the dishes we call it the "bowl" club, we meet every couple of months and choose a theme, we all donate $20 and bring a dish of food from the chosen theme/country to share,always a fun night and the host (we all take turns) chooses the charity for that evening

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