Is ''akaQA'' better than '' Google'' ??

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    Bob is right. You really can not compare the two. Google collects information. Here at akaQA, we go and search the information for people who do not know how to. The plus to akaQA is the fact that we can interact with people here. 

    That is similar to comparing apples and oranges.  Google gives you a multitude of choices for finding information you want. akaQA specialists (myself among them:D) get the answers FOR you. 
    I use Google to find information I need.  I use akaQA to interact, HELP others get information THEY need, and just pass the time.  


    Covers it! :)

    My opinion is that akaQA is not better nor worse than GOOGLE, they are just different.

    Yep, all of the above, both good and useful I use Google if I want to reference or find information, I like AKA for the same but mostly the interaction with others which you don't have with Google. I enjoy reading the opinions and thoughts of other members on this site 

    Google is good for knowledge but some of the questions never would have occurred to me, I like being able to get a view of others thoughts.....


    I agree Jules, i sometimes use Google but i like to give my own comment/ answer if i can.

    Google wouldn't give me suggestions about what to do if your grandaughter was going round and round your table knocking over chairs while singing loudly.  This was a case for akaqa. (It was my very first question when I joined)

    Not as far as Im concerned were else can you go and get ten answers to the same question, some serious, some funny and some just off the wall, personally if i had a question i would go to both sites.

    Google comes here for answers. :)


    As they should, if they REALLY want to know! :)

    That's only because they come to retrieve what we take from them, lol

    There is no comparison, Aka is Question and Answers, Google is a Search Engine, some members use Google to find answers, self included.

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