Are UFOs real?

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    If they're unidentified, how would anyone know for certain?


    Iff you can't tell what they are, they are unidentified.

    the point is, Digger, There are many objects out there floating around that are unidentified.
    addendum; guess I shouldn't have placed that comment, b/c Itsmee had just said it so well.Tried to delete it, but it wouldn't delete.


    Ye think????


    Warm summer morning - 3:30 AM. I lounged in our yard chair looking up at the sky. In the sky I saw a bright blue oval. It moved slowly as it crossed the sky. It looked a little like a flying Easter egg. I have no idea of the size. I watched it for about 20 seconds and had never seen anything like it. I called the air port, the newspaper, the police ... others. Nobody else had seen it. It was an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT.  I will never forget it in my life.


    PS You wrote this quite awhile ago, Harry Potter. Have you seen any.

    it could have been one of our many sattlelites; or our space junk .

    I remember HGWells radio show where the Martins landed. Folks drove around yelling out their car windows that the Martins were landing and that we should get or guns…to prepare for invasion. Folk were hysterical angry and crying and preying that this horrible event was happening. Folks were up all hours of the night scared out of all sensibilities. That the story was written by HGWells was unknown by many until folks sobered up to the facts laid out repeatedly over the radio. Even then and ever after stories of Government treachery, aliens, alien artifacts came and went….conspiracy theorists continued to seek-out every glimmering oddity and secret oddity.    



    I don't remember this HG Wells, but I do remember my mom and dad talking about it.
    After 911, people were terrified. I spent days in chat rooms that were supposedly monitored by the government. (I used my best keyboarding skills.) I walked the embarcadero in Moro Bay that night and looked in the eyes of other people who were walking. Their eyes looked burned out or something. I can't explain it. You know, I'm sure. We lived by a nuclear plant called Diablo. Scared? Oh, you bet!

    Mystery cults : alien , ghost, magic, drug, healing, celebrity, political and finance, etc., are all based on assumptions, in various orders of acceptance as true; but are fabricated around their basic themes….and always hedging away from the center to advance while seeking “Proof of concept”. Religion, our greatest mystery, has given us a huge belief base but remains based in relics and opinion. The quest for what is tangible, verifiable & beyond all claim of doubt leads on and on through time and events in human history.

    maybe that's why the government doesn't tell us about aliens and UFOs, b/c they don't want us to riot in fear.

    Of course yes.

    But governments don't like to speak about it.

    harry potter

    i think too

    They're real to the many thousands of people that have seen them ; in many different countries, too.


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    Logic says yes but realist say no.  based on  travel time it would take a lifetime to visit the nearest planet, but this is based on traveling speed of light 186k mps - Doesn't make sense to us.  We deal maximum velocity and it doesn't compute in our minds at this time.  perhaps a wormhole but none of this is proven.

    I have a theory too that says what we see as UFO's are actually us in the future, a carnival ride so to speak.  take people back in time.  I do believe that time travel backwards is a posibility as time images are nothing but scrambled light. A form of reverse time travel is a video recording, it captures light and stores it.


    On the UFO's again, why would any alien even want to come here given the undefinable numbers of galaxies, planets that are out there, we are a grain of sand on the beach.  Insignificant. Not to mention, dangerious.


    Vinny, based on who's time travel ? Time travel in other solar systems may be different from ours. It might be done by computers, or magnets, or by thought, or by a different dimension.

    According to Einstein's theory if you are able to travel at light speed, go to a planet and return, what may seem like a few hours to you when you return to earth hundred or even thousands of years would have passed. That is time travel. Time is relative. At this time we have no understanding of how to reach other solar systems or even feasible reach the end of our own, Star Treck warp drives is fantasy but believe it or not, scientists are working on ways to reach 'out there' by warping space. Bringing where yo want to go closer to you so you don't have to travel as far. Still according to Einstein, this will also warp time.

    like a wrinkle in time, huh ?

    Of course they are do you think the "aliens" got here to begin with?! You may (or may not have noticed) them all around...For a very, very long time. I could refer to ancient history, even Biblical stuff...however, whatever one believes to be true will always be their own truth...too bad, too, becauase they ARE among every walk of life. 

    yes UFOs are real! I watched a video of it!!!!!

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