I am a struggling computer user and want to download openoffice but it will not work WHY

    I have a very basic computer and now that I want to type and save a document I seem not to have a version of either Microsoft office or Openoffice I think Openoffice would be the easiest for me to download, as I do not remember having a copy of Microsoft office uploaded when I got this computer, so I probably didn't. I use firefox or google chrome or internet explorer to search the net, but when I click on the download button from the Openoffice site it comes up with a save this file box and goes no further ANY SUGGESTIONS

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    For all you know there could be a problem with the website. Most computers come with at least basic microsoft office, even if it is a starter program. Go to your start button down on the lower left hand side of the screen after closing out the internet. Click on all programs, and it will list all your available programs. You will most likely find microsoft office, click on it and do what you need. Don't forget to save.

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