ihave a wonderful son who at the age of 19 broke his neck and is in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. 2 years latter his dad suddenly died of a anersom. his dad left a 76 pinto station wagon. it would be his dream come true to get it restored. how can i get this done.

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    First, please accept my heartfelt sadness at the tragedies you and your family have had. My initial thought, and I hope this is possible, because it would be a wonderful example of community reaching out, would be to see if the high school had an auto shop class that would be able and willing to do the restoration.  Barring that, I would make calls to Ford dealerships; perhaps one might be willing to restore that classic Ford car.  
    Good luck to you and your son.  I hope this dream can come true for both of you. 

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