How to remove tar off of a car

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    How to Remove Tar From Your Car
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    Your vehicle is prone to get spattered with all sorts of substances on the road. Surprising enough, tar can be one of the easier ones to remove.

    Moderately Easy

    Things You'll Need

    * WD-40, kerosene or mineral spirits
    * Clean cloth
    * Butter, peanut butter, vegetable oil or bath oil

    * 1

    Clean off the area with soap and water.
    * 2

    Apply one of the following household items to the area: creamy peanut butter, butter, vegetable oil, mayonaise or bath oil. ( Using creamy peanut butter might require some elbow grease.)
    * 3

    Let it sit for 24 hours to soften the tar.
    * 4

    Wipe with a clean cloth.
    * 5

    If that does not work, apply one of the following directly to the area: WD-40, kerosene or mineral spirits.
    * 6

    Let stand for 5 minutes.
    * 7

    Wipe with a clean cloth until clear.

    Tips & Warnings

    WD-40, kerosene or mineral spirits will most likely remove any wax you had on your car.

    * Tar & Asphalt Remover

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    I would think that one could buy something that would do that at an auto parts store?

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