defenition we wont ever get this over

    my boyfriend told me his seperated but his ex msg this;..

    girlfriend said i agree with you that we won't ever get over this,, then i told my boyfriend so you not seperated yet but he said this meaning is WE WON'T EVER GET OVER THIS MEANS WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EVER BE TOGETHER??


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    This separation saga will stay with the person forever.


    what do u mean by saga?

    To say that you can't get over something means that whatever it is, is a huge challenge.If he and she are talking about their break-up then that may very well be what is being said. Sounds like he hasn't yet cleaned up his last you seem a bit confused by this.Maybe wait until he is done with one relationship BEFORE starting another with you? Sounds confusing.

    Not getting over something means holding on to it and carrying it, and carry on with it..



    Cattie, it sounds like you want to believe what he's said, so go with your decision because despite what others have said here, you're defending him. Maybe you've decided to give him a second chance and that's definitely your choice. Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide. :)


    it is cattie that is emplying he is CHEATING so the question isnt a question its more like a skript for us to review...

    Cattie, Either you are trying to  be  over dramatic, and  wont  be able  to  get over it yourself, are  creating  something thats  not there  due to  insecurity,  which   eventually   constant  accusations may drive him back  to her...or you are  answering your  questions already. is  it  a question  or are you asking us to  "confirm"  this for  you  to  intensify the effect.. IMO  I see it as  2 people  that  may have discussed a part of the relationship  that  is in  dispute  , i.e  who  hurt  who..who lied  to  who etc  and no one  will  fess up  due whatever  the reasons are..we all  hold on to   some  control ... but this  baby love is your  call...i would  sit  back  and  turn my head unless there are other reasons  you  believe  something  is  going  on   but  you  managed  to  just  have a text to   use as  leverage to  prove a point that  there is deception...its  not  a pretty  game  when  if  there is  slightly  a thought  of   your ex  an  going  back  when   this  could  be his  perfect  tool  to use  and you in the  end  will feel  the  guilt and  be told it  was you  who  drove  him back  to  her  with  these accusations...let it  go  thats  honestly  my  advice   , ive  been in  many  heartbreaking  cheating  relationships  and  have  been  told  i drove them away  due  to  my  blaming...and  u know  what it  fits  it works  and  was it but  it  just ends up  that way. sadly

    ok...but he told me he does seperate with her....

    and they dont have a children...

    so its means its very clear he is still with her???


    No...I think it just means that it was a hard break up and will take time to forget...unless they have children together in which case they will be having to relate due to the kids.

    he could  be  but  im  not seeing tha in the  msg  your  saying in  divorce separated  or  bf  /gf  separated... it  is  a difference.....  cattie..... its   in the  end  what you  think   we  dont  know  him on a personal  level...i mean  or  her  so  its  hard  to  give you  an exact  answer... forgivness  if nothing  was  done   is  kinda   like  beating  yourself  because  you  love  being  whipped ..why?  esp... if  your  still questioning the  msg,  but  im  not  getting   the vibe on a  "non" personal  level   just an outsiders  POV ...i'd  let it  slide an  drp it...but  when or if  something  does  come up that has  more credibility  that  you  now...can  revisit  this  txt....thats  when  you  should   go.or bring  it  up  and  decide what  you  want   but  mostly  NEED to do then ...sit on that txt  like an  egg......wait for  more  things to fall in your  will only  get the denial  now if  you  jump on it..its not enuff..


    ive gotta find a better time to txt my answers speed txting through a lunch break makes my reply look heartless and cold..and like garble im all over the place...i apologize..

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