in the muslim faith there are 5 obligatory prayers.. what does 2 Rak' at Fajr mean?

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    Fajr is the prayer said just before dawn. Its time is limited to when half of the sky is light until the sun's corona first breaks the horizon.

    Muslim prayers (salat) are divided into sections (raka'at), Each raka'at consists of the following movements:
     standing and reciting a portion of the Qur'an

    Fajr is the shortest of the 5 obligatory prayers. 

    Fajr prayer consists of 2 rakats. A leader(commonly called Imam) leads the prayer after AZAN. All people offering prayers direct theirselves to Holy Ka'aba (situated at Makka, in Saudi Arabia, which was built by ABRAHAM. A person recite AQAMA (like AZAN) and then Imam starts by saying, ALLAH -o-AKBAR (The great Lord is the Greatest). then movement other than prayer is strictly forbidden till end of prayer. Imam recites First Chapter of Holy Quran and then adds up a portion of Quran from anywhere in the Quran. Then by saying ALLAH-o-AKBAR Imam proceeds to bowing stage. Their every body speaks TASBEEH (The Greatest Lord is free of any weakness, any defect, any negative traits, the Exalted). Then moves up to standing position. From standing to prostrating (called SAJDA). Raises from to sitting position and then again for SAJDA. One rakat completed. The last rakat of every prayers also include worshiping in the sitting state, where every Muslim pray to The Great Lord what he wants.  

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