Do you eat cantelope?

    How can you cut into them without running into bacteria. They are all bumpy and seem impossible to clean.

    I read a lot about what’s safe to eat and what is not safe. I swear, the things I’ve read has almost ruined my appetite.

    I like to ask a question like I asked here on akaqa because I get a cross section of “real” people. I’m not necessarily looking for the real true experts here.

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    Yes and I love it. I usually wash it thoroughly and dry it really good before cutting it opened. What bacteria?

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    Itsmee, I've cut into "antelope" never had a problem, cutting a melon shouldn't be too bad unless the surroundings and tools are not very hygienic!


    Romos- did you have to put the antelope part in???

    Sorry my Doo!!!
    It was dead at the time though!

    I eat cantaloupe all the time. I cut it in half, clean out the seed and membrane and then cut the cantaloupe into wedges or I leave it as halves, grab a spoon and dig in. I've been doing it this way since I was a kid. Never got sick on a cantaloupe. 

    I eat cantelope (or Rock Melon as we call it) all the time.It's one of my favourites.It's never made me sick.

    I love cantelope and eat it mostly with cottage cheese in the sommer. I wash the outer rind and  cut it in half. clean out the seeds and scoop it out with a melon scoop.


    That's how I LOVE it!

    I could eat it every day and not tire of it.

    Yes I eat those and watermelons too. I would wash the outer rind off good first before cutting though!

    If you are worried about bacteria and chemicals on the cantelope's need two knives- one to peel the skin off in a line around the lope and the second to cut through the lope alon that line..scoop out the seeds and then scoop out the flesh leaving a small amount of the flesh near the skin.


    Thanks doo. I have a lope in my kitchen. I’ll cut it like that.

    I grew up eating cantaloupe. My mom sliced it into wedges and we ate it, also ate eggs with pieces of shell picked out.  My mom thawed meat in the sink with water dripping on it.  I'm still here, had a great check up today... My mom's dad was a doctor and she went by his rules. We even ate "sow's belly" as long as we were active......

    There is a huge, ripe cantaloupe sitting in my refrigerator as we speak. I enjoy it in a fruit salad, by itself, or (best of all), with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or frozen yogurt) in the middle! 

    I eat it every day, dear. One thing I never do with any fruit, if I want to keep it, is never to handle the fruit part. I keep it for two weeks. Every morning, holding the outer skin, I slice  a piece off and cut it up. The rest is covered with cling wrap and returned to the refridgerator. I do the same with watermelon too. If you handle the flesh part of watermelon it goes off quickly. I keep that for two weeks also.

    I've been cutting into cantaloupe for many years now without washing the outer membrane and have not been sick from doing so. I feel that society has become very germophobic. I also drink water right out of the garden hose when I'm outside in the garden. No expensive bottled water for this babe!


    There are some places where the water is good. I don't know of any place in my California where I could find it.

    I do think we've become a germophobic society. I read a lot and I don't know what to believe.
    I like to listen to the answers of the "REAL" people on akaqa. I know that none of you is selling us a product.

    itsmee, We do have wonderful well water here and we are very grateful that we do.

    As long as I can remember we ate cantaloupe by cutting em in half and wedges and cleaning em out and honey dew melons they have not made us sick and their yummy!

    I've been eating cantaoupes since I found the joy of eating fruits and any foods, and I still live!

    Washed and dried; no one lied; they are safe and delicious!


    Rockmelon is among my favorites, I have never bothered too much about the preparation, just cut it as I would any other melon, at work we often give it to our clients filled with other seasonal fruit (strawberries, kiwi fruit etc) and a dollop of yogurt, never had any problems

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