How do I get rid of groundhogs?

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    A lot of sites covering this issue, see here >> 

    If you mean how to prevent them from damaging my garden or property, including the holes dug which can leave hazards for livestock or tractors, read on.  They sell "woodchuck bombs" at the feed store.  With these smoke bomb-like things, you need to locate the entrances to his burrow, there will be 2 or 3.  Next, take a shovel and cut a plug of sod, large enough to cover one hole, and another for each other hole.  Cover all but one entrance.  If you do this and he is home, it will work, he may be home in the heat of the day, but will forage in early morning and later in pm when cool.  If you see him run in hole, that is the best!  If you have someone stand guard over holes as you work even better!  Put sod on all but one hole, and light the bomb with lighter, drop it into the opened hole, and swiftly put last sod into place.  If excessive smoke escapes, fill with soil to stop it.  You will  euthanize him and entomb him in the hole at same time.  If hole gets dug out later, either he wasn't home, or too much smoke escaped.  Try again,  You can also get a live catch trap, bait it with scat from woodchucks (yes the best bait, as they are territorial)  look around for some, I guess!  But what and where will you relocate him, in many states it is illegal to move wildlife?   The woodchuck method is an old one, and perhaps too harsh with society today...  but it works, farmers use it often, and it is legal. 

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