I have a business cleaning and yard work license how do i find contractor or clients

    to start my business 

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    Advertise through your local papers and create a website>

    Start talking about it in your area.  Make a list of everyone you have ever work, at school, volunteer jobs, sports leagues, classes, neighbors, friends, relatives, church, any and all organizations and start telephoning them to tell them what you are doing.  Ask if they would be interested in your services and if not, do they have the name of someone else who might be.  Get business cards and hand them out by the dozens, place them on bulletin boards, give one to anyone, anywhere who serves you.  Make some flyers (well written with good spelling) and go door to, businesses....ask them to post one....get your friends to take some (along with a few business cards) and post them too.

    You will get lots of "no's" but eventually you will get a break and, if you do a good job, word will spread.  Don't ever give up!!!  Good luck.

    (This all costs you next to nothing....just hard work.)

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