if someone leaves early and skips out without paying there bill, what can be done

    I have a contract sgined that our customer would arrive on the 3rd of June and depart on the 10th of June.  The deposit was made by check for 800.00.  He was having problems before he arrived and went out fishing one day with one of our boats and guide and decided he didn't like this setup and packed up and left.  He did not come in and settle his bill.  With him being booked for a week I have lost out on other guests coming and filling this spot.  tHE TOTAL BILL BEFORE TAXES AND EXTRA'S WAS 7486.00 for 4 adults and two kids American Plan.


    What are my legal rights.  On the signed contract it says you are responsible for the total package and if you leave early there are no refunds.

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    Call your attorney and get a judgment against the guest.  That may be too much for small claims court, so it would then be a civil action.  
    In the future, don't accept anything but a valid credit card or prepayment in full! 

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