Why can't I,find a compaion?(Lady companion for my life?

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    cuz you're not looking in the right places. You'll never meet the right woman if you go to bars, or if you stare at the T V  screen. Go to a church. There's plenty of single women there looking for a nice man..........especially if you have   $ $ $ $

    Uncle Umbriel may give you lessons.


    He wants to attract a woman. Oh, I guess he could just not do anything Umb-dum does.

    Where are you looking? Are you trying too hard? Don't be a pest about it but, don't be a wall flower either.

    Be yourself and the right woman will come alone........

    Try meeting someone through one of those online services! It works for a lot of people.

    ""Do your armpits smell?

    I'd try to help if I knew what a compaion is.

    ""'ve got plenty of time!

    Let it happen naturally. When you push a relationship, it just doesn't work in the long run. There is someone for you; give it time.  (I'm taking my own advice, by the way.)

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