What do you think about someone who comes late to his house and shouts on his wife because she asked him where were you ?

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    Did the wife greet the man with a shouted, angry question?  That would certainly cause him to respond in like.  
    When someone is going to be late, a phone call is the considerate thing to do.
    I had a habit of being late years ago (now is the exception, and I am intolerant of people who are  more than 10 minutes late without a phone cal).  My husband (now ex) always said, "JUST CALL".  
    To not do otherwise causes untold anxiety to the one(s) waiting, who, if anything like me, are fearing the worst.  

    What I think is that he should have come in with an apology and the truth. 


    I DO I DO. "OH I like to "CRAWL !! AS well. My Trousers wear out at the Knees! Know what I mean .

    She should have asked "Are you hungry, honey?" and then followed with "Where  have you been?"


    yeah he will be much happier when hes eating :D

    Child asking question.

    It sounds like that is not exactly the foundation of a happy household.

    Sounds like someone has a guilty conscience or why else would they be so defensive..

    Could be this is the norm. Have you known him to be late before and how did she ask "why"? Attitudes come in different forms.....(I think he has something to hide, myself.....)

    I can relate. An interogation prior to a civil question is not cool.

    She asked a valid question, perhaps he'd had a really bad day, wouldn't have hurt for him to call her though

    Yea, where were you and why were you so mad?

    He was probably drunk and 1/2 .

    That he probably had something to hide, and didnt have his story perfected by the time he came in the door.

  spouse said s/hed be home by 5:30pm and rolled in about 11:30pm-  I had a few questions myself.

    I would suspect something no good! With cell phones in everyones hand there is really no excuse for being late and not calling!

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