why people want to go Australia

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    Because many countries dont have the skill shortages that we do and you can earn good money have a great life .

    My father came here when he fled Hungary he came from a very strict country with no opportunities to a country where there were jobs , freedom no war , yes he face race discrimination but today Australia is built on immigration, many have come to this country with nothing and have gained great wealth.

    We have a massive country and its far from full. We have good medical services a great life style.

    Its the lucky country but depending on the government it can be the sucky country ...



    sir i have an interview in uk ambassy if they ask me why u want to go Astralia so what I should answer. Because i am going for chef job in Indian restaurant.
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    You know why you want to come here ?
    Being a chef there is a lot of work available so you have already met that criteria we have a skill shortage here. Because you have a job , you looking forward to the opportunities you believe Australia can give you . You can own a home here find work here. Its all about why you want to live here :)


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