In your mind, what do you think was the best question (besides religion) ever asked at akaQA, and why?

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    Religion isn't even in my ranking. I like the "what do you" think, want, suggest, etc. questions with no "wrong" answer.........


    These are my favorites!

    Pretty much anything asked by eggplant!


    I honestly could not tell you. There were quite a few.

    I couldn't answer that. There have been so many thought provoking questions asked here it's impossible for me to give an answer to that question.

    Difficult to choose, definitely not religion, there have been many I have enjoyed following, even learned a few things about my laptop (thanks mostly to Colleen) 

    Off the top of my head I'd say my question was very very good. It was "What is the funniest name you have heard of?" I read it every now and then and roar. 


    Laughing is great!

    I remember your question. It's very entertaining to read all the answers to your question.

    Choose/vote any as long as it is one of my questions... LVLAYCS...



    "Speaking of stoopid questions......."

    There has been a lot of good questions over time. I don't think I could point to one particular question.

    Difficult question, but if I must answer .....


    I loved all the answers and comments from the question about asking your own stoopid question.  I remember that Fishlet had the best answer.  That is also where ROMOS became King of the Fleas. 
    (For Val) "Speaking of stoopid questions......." 


    But the Q is "what was the best Q" :)

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