Evander Holofield has declared bankruptcy. He made $250 million in boxing and fathered 11 children. One of his daughters is suing him for not making child support payments ($373,000). What's wrong with this picture?

    He's the boxer whose ear was bitten off by Mike Tyson.  They eventually met each again in the ring for a rematch known as "Bite Fight".

    Correction:  Holyfield

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    Most fighters are poor kids ill ecquiped on how to take care of money.Promoters put them in 20,000/night rooms and make them feel like kings.Then there's the hangers on like with Manny Pachiao who has 20-30 people he pays to just be with him thats food,rooms, cars etc. and they invest in cars jewelery and bars which are all bad investments.They always find themselves broke for these same reasons.Instead of getting Good investment people like Mayweather,De la hoya,leonard,and a few others they live well above there means once boxing stops and no money is comming in.

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    Apparently bling, whores, and partying are more important than his kids. Another bad parent. 

    This picture shows a public figure who appears to be a derelict the ex...who is likely in jail as we speak...for non-payment of support...again.Shameful.

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