nose bleeds are REALLY common for me does any body know what i can do to make them less of a problem?

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    Several tips here to prevent nose bleeds>>

    Got most of my nose bleeds from a punch in the nose,,also got them from high blood pressure and blowing my nose too hard..i am sure their are other reasons also..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I've suffered with that for years as well. My doctor told me that I make too much blood. Sounds crazy but that was his diagnosis.


    thanks for your help and i bet that that is going to be the end result for me to :D

    Make a roll of paper towl about anch,inch an a half, and roll it up to fits under your upp lip. Get it wet (I imagine for comfort sake) and place it under the upper lip. Play until youve mastered the size and have seen how silly you may look. Wear this and tilt your head back as much as you can.....

    When my mom got frequent nose bleeds years ago, they said she had a vein close to the surface of the membrane in her nose and that it should be cauterized. So she did have it cauterized and she never got a nosebleed again.

    see your doctor or health pro., so you can watch out for brain bleed.

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