Should we continue to feel bad about our own spelling mistakes and /or irritated by others' after how one of Romney slogans was spelled?: "A Better Amercia."This will be a huge source of jokes, commentaries, cartoons, etc. Here is your chance of posting yours before the big media's


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    Looking at the picture, I don't believe I would let that typo go. I believe I would hire better staff to correct my comments.

    Hey, I totally admit I don't spell or type too well....but I'm not running for Commander and Chief either!!!

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    His Freudian slip is showing beneath his CIA skirt! Not a kilt kilt kilt but a skirt skirt skirt!!! Aha!   ;)


    When wearing a kilt, go commando!

    There is quite a difference between typos and just plain stupid spelling mistakes. Proofreading is an activity I often neglect......

    Ask Dan Qualle about how to spell potato! This created quite a whoppee!

    Can we also make fun of Obama for saying the USA and it's 47 states??  Or MSNBC for reporting Obama Bin Laden is dead???   I could go on with more Obama blunders but to err is human..  :)


    Spelt is also correct for the past tense of spell.

    I guess that depends on where you are from.. :) Here in the USA it's 'spelled'

    As I've read through our answers, I can't help thinking, "This is the pot calling the kettle black". 

    Actually, I didn't pick up on the "CIA" actually having meaning.  Perhaps the snafu was intentional.  However, if I were Romney, I'd have had anyone who touched that bit o' advertising shot by a firing squad (on the hush-hush, of course).


    The CIA portion was my intended funny catch. I too would do the same thing you suugest if I was Rommney.

    Typos happen.



    Actually, this ad is wrong. There's too much "God" in America. The wrong kind of God though. Or at least the wrong vision of God.

    I don't get the message behind your answer daren.

    Everyone knows what it means. People are not perfect and polititians even less so.

    WE are all "Human!! with Human mistakes .like spelling I for one never tell someone you spelt that "wrong.I repeat there Question spelling it for them .Hoping  they will catch on.


    You are misusing the word 'there'. It's in the wrong context, should be 'Their'. LOL!!!! Also, the word 'spelt' is a type of grain used in making flour. The correct spelling would be 'spelled'

    you caught on I was wondering If he did "SPELT! "there"

    Spelt is also correct for the past tense of spell. :)

    I'd vote for a better AMER(ican) CIA pretty much a nonpartisan agency which is to be blamed for the 2nd  Iraq war...

    God Bliss Amercia.................

    I thought Romney said, “ I promise you a BITTER   America…” and since America includes north and south of the United States, I thought he was promising war in the Americas. I won't vote for a promise of war. Bush had similar promises that were obviously double-talk and kept his promises too…however twisted about like a cork-screw.   

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