I am under siege by one of the wealthiest and vile men in real estate with the intent to rob me legally, what shall I do ?

    My neck is between the jaws of this Evil so called "man" for five years now and this "man" who's regular business is to dispossess innocent honest hardworking people from their only possessions, is robbing me, destroying me,  armed by Money, Lawyers and the Law, I am 2 million down and little left to go, but I will never surrender. Does anyone have an answer as what to do ?

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    Stop gambling?

    Seriously, if you're down 2 million, this means you should be able to afford your own lawyers to fight his lawyers. Most of the members here have no money and/or no jobs because of this economy. I don't think they're going to have much empathy for a person who has millions to lose. Sorry. Get legal help.

    Too sad this is going to sound a bit crazy but...have you gotten a team of lawyers together yet?Sounds like a court battle is afoot...if you can prove your allegations?etcetera? Better things come. Peace.

    Damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

    Please go and read Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine".   It is about the wealthiest people and countries that put the squeeze on the weak at their weakest moments in order to enrich themselves to the max.  Remember the big tsunami in Sri Lanka?  All the "hut" fisherman houses by the shores were wiped out then?  They scared the living daylights out of those people to sign over all their land and move deeper inland.  Guess what?  2 years later, a whole bunch of 5-star hotels took the place of those poor people's homes.  This happens ALL the time, Michal.  You may go broke fighting them.  However, just fight on!

    A farmer in Scotland refused to sell his land to Donald Trump who wanted to build a golf course. Surely if you don't want to sell you don't have to, or are laws different where you live?

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