complain about a man who works in the post office very RUDE!

    i went to my local post office a few days ago in blakelaw newcastle upon tyne, to send off 4 small parcels, this was my first time sending parels off so wasnt too sure how it worked.. was expecting the worker to be helpful and make  me feel more confident for next time  i came knowing i would know what to do if needed to post any percels in future.. the man behind the counter was very rude, told me he was sick of parcels today and thats all he has had today he did not explain any options how i wanted them to be sent i just wanted to be out of that post office! next few days i had some more parcels to be delivered so i sent my mam as i had to go to work she came back and told me that my mother was holding the que up with the parcels and that is the problem with them.. im so angry about this and do not think he should be working for such a big know company as royal mail i dont feel like returning to my local post office and use the one in town which is a 15min bus ride away! what can be done about this???

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    Contact here and lodge a complaint >>>

    Incredible even if the person had a serious "personal" problem...

    Be careful! If he's responsible for you getting your mail delivered, he can retaliate, like throwing it in the trash.

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