Judge overrules parents to save a child's life in Adelaide's Supreme Court. (Sth. Aus.)

    Doctors have made an urgent plea to the Court to help save a Jehovah's Witness girl 4 dying of Leukamia. Justice White ordered the girl to receive treatment including a blood tranfusion to which her parents had objected on Religious grounds. ---- DO THINK THE DOCTORS HAVE THE RIGHT?

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    So will the child still be a family member and church member? Will she be shunned? Will the parents keep her? I don't know what J W's beliefs are! Do any of you know?


    Clu i have checked on the net, the effect of a transgression of the rules about blood products, because the court ordered the treatmant for the little girl, the decision was taken from the parents, they will only have to seek forgiveness from god and thats it, simple.

    Thanks bulletman!

    Yes, how can parents stand by and kill their child. It's murder, religious beliefs or not, it's a crime.


    Quite right, Eggie.

    Eggie, actually it is a criminal offence here. ( Aus)

    Yes, preservation of life I would think to be  priority to a medical practitioner, as it should be, the child can not make an informed choice at that age based on the beliefs of her parents versus her life


    That is what the court said, lamb. even a 4 year old has rights when her life is a stake, when parents make a decision which is not in her best interests.

    I'm glad they did, a horrible situation,poor little girl

    I do think the Doctors have a right,  they have a duty of care for their patents .

    Yes. The child can,t decide for herself. It is the right  thing to do. I have been told, that JWS are using artifiscial hemoglobin -based blood subsitutes, which has been approved by the FDA.

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