if i email the president, would i get a response?

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    What have you got to lose?Give it a go.See what happens.

    Years ago I called the white house and complained about something I saw on the news. I told the person answering the phone that I want her to convey a message to the President. I was very specific in what I wanted her to tell him. It went something like this, "tell the President that Jean-Paul -----------, called and he's pissed at you over the your poor decision to ( I forget the topic, but that was the gist of it). I received a response from Reagan which appeared to be a signed copy by him. I also received a phone call from the Congressman in my district at that time in regards to the issue.

    Try it and see.

    I sent Hillary Clinton a book proposal. She liked it. Right at the time she received it, something happened .. Something that kept her from thinking about little kids. I didn’t receive any further help.

    You will likely never hear from the President himself but you will aways get a response when you contact someone in government, but 99% of the time it is from a clerk of some type, with a boilerplate answer the has the Presidents stamped signature attached.

    The official site where you will most often get a better form of reply is your from your US Congressman's office.

    However the best chance you have a getting the attention of any elected official is to contribute to their campaigns.

    I have been doing that for years.  Before Reagan came along it was to Democrats, but after Reagan opened my eyes I only contribute to Republicans, generally.

    I am able to speak to my US Congressmen, a Democrat who recently lost his re-nomination bid to one of our local "Shark" Lawyer.

    I personally know my State Senator and Representative, who both happen to live in a town where own a home in Pennsylvania


    No, unless you are on the agenda of things they want to do.

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