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    If a federal election would take place tomorrow in YOUR country, which candidate would you vote in for President/Prime Minister ?

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    I live in Australia I would vote Labor as I feel they have done a good job even though the media has trashed them, they have got jobs done..

    But we will get a Rabbit at our next election one with a gay sister he won't allow to marry, he has big ears and wears budgie smugglers Shudders... :)


    We had a gay presidential candidate but Finland was not yet ready to have gay president.
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    We have a female PM .. people need to accept the person who does the job being a PM doesn't win you friends you can't make everyone happy.

    You are joking. Crooks all of them and what can we say about the prime minister except call her a LIAR!

    All politicians are crooks, but she's the worst back-stabbing,lying piece of works ever. I'll go for the shooter's party.

    Politicians are employed by the people. They are employees and should do what the people want.
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    Well this is true most start of with best intentions and end up following party shit.

    Most of the time honestly I dont like the people representing my area so I do a vote that is not counted :( , if enough people did that they would have to do an inquiry into why people do not think anyone standing is good enough to lead the country.

    She only lied about the carbon tax which Rudd was going to bring in anyway and Turnbell actually brought it up to begin with. So they are both Liars :)

    At least the shooters party don't give there preference votes out like some other parties do, that's when you end up with the member of your area being someone whom can be totally against you, In this bloody country happens all the time..

    There are 2 differences between these parties but they have so much in common Gillard is a ranga and Abbott wears red speedo's :)))

    Prime minister I think.


    This should have been comment of my last answer so can some moderator transfer it there, please.

    So which candidate for P.M. would you vote for.

    In Finland we vote for president and for members of parliament (2 different elections). Our prime minister is usually the leader of  the winning party in parliament elections.  


    Which of the two wields more political power ?

    I live in Canda so Prime minister


    So is Stephen Harper your man ?

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