Today is a rainy dreary day. Days like this makes me feel..................

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    It makes me feel like reading, so I do!  I also like it when it pours and the water is running down the streets and there is thunder and lightening.  It never lasts long but everything is so clean and green afterwards.  Ahhhh....nature.


    And you like swimming in it dont you.

    Moderator work! :)

    I love rainy days :)


    Why? All you can do is to stay inside.

    I love to listen to the sound of it. In the summer, I will go out and stand in it. I have to stay inside a lot anyway just to be here on the forum moderating so if the rain does keep me inside, it's no big deal. I especially love a major thunderstorm. The louder, the better :)

    I like a summer rain! the drizzle and cold today--I do not like

    YES to "Reign" over "ME" Thunder Indeed like my wife your "Tongue is Louder!! DOC DOO.has really helped "Me. Not afraid any longer."YIPPY

    i DON`T LOVE THEM!!!LOL...JUST can give you extra chill time!!!:-) this would be a good time to work on a craft project, or make a cup of joe and read a good book. 

    ed shank

    Forget the book and coffee, hit a local pub. Mr.Goodbar awaits, a premonition.

    Going to tell me a "Story Bob.My wife wont Any-more !!

    Bob/PKB : I’d give anything for a rainy day here in Fresnono.

    Makes me want to move south...anywhere...just south.


    lindi, it's gonna be a lot more hot and humid in the south.

    As it is on the island here Umbriel..polar we're Antarctica??? Brrrrrr!

    STOP YOUR MOANING .HEE Our poor QUEEN Lizzie."WE are on talking terms !! is freezing her BUM off and hubby his "B---S" on her Jubliee day.."OH sunny up in SCOTLAND.Now go mug a BEAR take its coat ALright!! Cold INdeed HUH !!

    Queen Lizzie??? Eh? What's that dowsa? Speaking terms eh?? Why not make it visiting terms with me "Queen" lindilou and come for a wee spell..ah you'll love it bye, but you better bring the following items:
    *Large fur-lined Parka
    *The wife and her entourage to keep you warm! ......(your blood will be boiling from all the WHINING and comPLAINing she and the outlaws will be doing in your ears)!
    *Sleeping pills
    *Long underwear, extra woolly socks,warm outerwear and underwear, gloves, earmuffs,etcetera etcetera!
    *Money for a motel suite as I don't think you'll enjoy the Mastedon bone hut...unless???
    *Fishing gear
    *Golfing gear
    *Your great sense of humor!!!!! LOL ;D

    i live in the south y not move in with me lolx

    The day here is like you describe! Today is an off work day so I cleaned in the mopped floors! Sunday it was 97 outside! Today the high was 54! It's crap! That's what!


    I know how you feel!

    .....makes me feel glad for all the baby robins, blue jays , and their mothers and father.It's been hard for the robins' parents to find worms lately b/c we haven't had any rain for  1 1/2 weeks.  The other critters need it too- - - - -the raccoons, foxes, cyotes, squirrels, etc.


    Did you say hot?? I'm freezing my keester off up here on the south seems a far cry better...I know where the shade ch chilly west coast Canada...t t ttalk t t tto ya later!! ;)

    Makes you feel sorry for those of us who would give their eye teeth for a day like you're having......

    depressed, has been raining here for over 2 weeks, no sun, no fun, but on the other hand if it continues and the area floods, as it often does, out comes the gumboots the town becomes a hive of activity (farmers can't do much in the wet) and we have a great time, the baker stays open making bread through the go with the ale all washed down with  country good times and many a yarn



    Thanks millie, will do

    . . . . . glad that I planted flowers in the garden yesterday!

    Days like this make me feel down, it is not so much the rain just the grey dreary atmosphere that sparks a depression.


    I agree!

    I'm glad to have a roof over my head...

    Takes away the guilt of not getting anything done outside. Cut the grass, trim the shrubs, etc;


    Next rainy day, I'll do just that. DID meet a nice single dentist today. They are too stress-laden to believe, but we had a nice chat. Again, so glad you are back. :D
    ed shank

    Thanx Bob, Good to be back with you and my chat buddies again. A Dentist Huh? You've got a great smile I see and don't seem to need one. Find a plumber, they're invaluable and make more than a Dentist.

    So not looking for anything but a job right now. That and spending time with my kids and granddaughters. Grandson coming out 7/16!
    Oh, and bowling, of course. :D

    To me a rainy day is not necessary a drairy day. I like most of them.

    When its dull and raining, I just love been in bed, listening to rain, but not to much of it, as I live close to a  river, which over lowed last year. I Thank God, I was only out of bed about ten minuits, before  most of the house was flooded.


    I know the clean up was a mess. I pray for no more floods.

    To many rainy days start to get depressing but one here and there are nice.



    never on sunny days? :)

    Rain doesn't mater, I am in the internet anyway. geting out y ipods water proof case and water proof ear phones and go out side for a good long run! I FREAKIN' LOVE THE RAIN!


    ...crazy lady on the loose.... Aha! ;D

    look out world im back in a water proof setting lolz

    My youngest is a big lover of rain, gloom, and dreary weather. Thrives on it. Sometimes, a good dose of "bad" weather IS refreshing!!!

    yea PKB i agree :)

    Yeah..pushes me to go running...or slob around...can`t make my mind up today....we usually take the kids to the health club for a swim n a pizza...theyre happy!!


    Please send sunshine then baby! Lots of it ...pretty please?! Tnx for the offer but I'm stuck with living between the 48th and 49th parallels for awhile yet but...someday!!! ;)

    you for got its rainin' down here live the states?

    Not much we can do re just have to go with the flow!!(no pun intended)...i`m not the world`s greatest ROYALIST...But I do think it`s a shame for the Jubilee celebrations...a lot of people would love sunshine for that!!....But I am sorry to hear that the DUKE OF ED...IN HOSP WITH A UTI...I THINK THAT`S A HUGE SHAME FOR ALL OF THEM!!! :-0...and I hope he`s better soon!!

    I love rainy days. It’s better if there’s thunder, lightening, and wind. It makes me want to drink Brandy and cuddle up in front of the fire.

    I do not drink Brandy. I just like the name. 


    hahaha thats :)

    The breezes have been a godsend. I was at an outdoor soiree Saturday and it was so pleasant, especially with the near-full moon. :D

    Rainy, dreary days makes me cranky. Maybe because the kids are in the house.

    Tired and sleepy. It has beenn raining for three days now .I am constantly yawning.


    for us here in bham its only been rainy for two days but my power went off :( oh wait

    ...canals! :D


    like i  told ann my powers off well whallah!


    Yes, like an old dog with bad hips and back- I'm better at knowing when the Barometer is going to drop than all those fancy computers the Weather Channel has!

    I don"t mind rain...and I love big storms....but My pain sky rockets when the barometric pressure drops...and so it gets depressing if the pressure stays down for a long time.


    so your like a dog being able to tell when it is about to rain?

    ohhhhh i have a nother country rerance for you maybe the ausies will get it

    You will never get a sun tan on rain days..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    rain rain go away come again another day 

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