what type of nepali food should i take and refuse during jaundice when i am a 20days delivered women?

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    I am hoping this will help you heal. Peace.

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    - Maintain personal hygiene and public hygiene.
    - Wash your hands before eating and after going to toilet.
    - Follow sanitary methods while disposing of the excreta.
    - Purify your drinking water by filtration, adequate boiling and chlorination.
    - Avoid raw milk and shellfish such as oysters especially from unreliable sources.
    - When you are away from home, you can take coconut water. Fruits will also help quench thirst. But all fruits should be washed and peeled personally with clean hands. Avoid having ready-made fruit juices or fruit salads, which are handled by others.
    - When eating out, only fresh food served steaming hot, should be taken. All foods served cold should be avoided.
    - If you have a post history of jaundice, then you should not donate blood unless tested. Blood for transmission and blood products must be checked for infection to prevent post transfusion hepatitis.
    - Choose safe sex. Practice monogamy with a uninfected partner, or use condoms.
    - Avoid injecting illegal drugs.
    - If you are about to undergo a surgery, ask your doctor about donating some of your own blood beforehand. If necessary, this blood can be transfused back to you during surgery

    -In Ayurveda, during the initial stages of jaundice, usually mild purgatives are given. This is to stimulate the function of the liver and to increase the flow of bile in the bile duct. Trivrit, Kutaki and Triphala are used for the purpose. You can use the root bark of trivrit and rhizome of kutaki, either separately of mixed in a powder form. Daily take one to two teaspoonfuls with hot water. If you are preferred to use triphala choorna, you can take one teaspoonful of the same with warm water, twice daily. Two compound preparations that are commonly used to treat jaundice are avipattikara choorna and Aarogyavardhini vati. However, take them after consulting a physician.
    -Bhoomyaamlaki (phyllanthus niruri), a small herb with numerous leaves, is commonly used in the treatment of all types of jaundice. One teaspoonful of the juice of the plant or fresh root in the form of paste can be taken thrice daily mixed with honey.
    -the leaves of Guduchi (Gurjo In Nepali) or Tinospora cordifolia made into a paste with whey, may be used in 5gm dose with whey, or milk with dry ginger powder or turmeric reduced to pulv should be taken in the morning.
    -the decoction of the three myrobalans or triphala, Guduchi (Gurjo In Nepali) or Tinospora cordifolia, Berberis asiatica or Chutro and the expressed juice of the bark of Melia Azadirachta (Bakaino in Nepali) mixed with honey may also be taken every morning.
    Punarnava mandoor 2 tablet thrice daily should be taken for 2 to 3 weeks. Navaayas Loha taken in the dose of 125 mg thrice daily is an effective remedy for jaundice.
    Other useful medicines are
    - Rohitakyadi churna
    -Phalatrikadi Kada
    - Kamalari vati
    - Punarnavadi Mandura
    - Arogyavardhini Vati
    - Sheeta Rasa
    - lohaasava and punarnavaasava.

    Patent Ayurvedic Drugs for Jaundice:
    MV LIV TABLET/SYRUP (Gorkha Ayurved Company)
    Doses & administration : Adult : 2 tablets / tsf. three times a day. Children: 1 tablet / tsf three times a day. To be taken orally with water on empty stomach.

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