convert psi to cfm in vacuum pump

    My vacuum pump runs @ 14psi, can I convert this to cfm ?


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    (I looked up "psi to cfm" and scrolled through several answers. This one is from 2005; sorry it isn't more helpful"

    There is no formula to convert psi to cfm. The preassure your compressor can deliver is dependent on the sealing capability of the pump, the area of the piston or diphram and the power of the motor, and the strength of the welds in the tank. the motor hasto have enough power to compress the air over the area of the piston and the seals have to beable to hold the air in the chamber without leaking to compress it, and i think we can all figure out what would happen if the welds broke.

    the cfm is related to the volume of the displacement of the pump and the speed at which it operates. this also depends on the outlet size of the tank and tank size. the lareger the tank the more reserve air volume (cfm) you have.

    if you have noticed that compressors always have a higher cfm at lower preasure. this is because they are able to supply the rated volume of air and maintain the pressure. it requires more air at 90 psi than 40 psi because it not only has to supply the needed volume it has to also supply enough to maintain preassure.

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