We just put our ducks in a 6foot tall dog kennel and something came and got 2 of the 5 during the night. No remains except a little blood, feathers and leg bone outside gate.

    Kennel is standard dog kennel, 6 foot chain link fencing, 4ft by 8ft. Gate was secure and there are no digging marks anywhere. 2 of the 5 ducks are gone.

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    I would like to say I am sorry for your loss of the ducks! Having some predator stealing your animals is always depressing! You think they are safe then something sneaks in. Sorry!

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    Foxes can climb chain link fences. Bears can reach over. Put your ducks in a secure house for the night. Oh and ducks can fly. 


    Yes ask our "DUCKY" "Quack "Quack all the time

    could be dogs or foxes

    Perhaps you should make a roof?

    A big owl-like a great horned owl could fly right in. My husband lost many chickens to an owl!

    The horned owl is most likely the culprit. Cover the top of the Dog Kennel In the meantime put the last three ducks in a safer place.

    Raccoons are so fond of ducks and chickens that they will attempt to carry these birds home even if they have to pull them through a chain link fence.

    Weasels or feral cats


    You're welcome

    owls maybe


    owls maybe ?


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