what causes pelvic pain?

    im bleeding heavy hurts during intercourse alredy had operation for blocked fallpion tubes cant conceive

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    You need to see your doctor asap!

    There are no doctors on akaQA.

    Take advice from ROMOS  See a doctor !!

    You need an OBGYN and if you get that pain closer to one side or the other lease tell the doc. Tell the doc if you have ever had sex or are currently having an active sex life.  If you have trouble peeing or the pain intensifies before or after unination- and if it burns when you are urinating. Also tell the doc if your bowels have changed- from constipation to liquid stool and how often you have BMs.  You may be sent to another professional after she checks you out and gets the results.  Because women's bowels and reproductive parts along with the appendix are all cramped together they may have send you to another specialist or two to figure out what's going on.  This is frustrating but normal

    I hope the pain goes away soon!

    I'm a nay sayer. Sounds like endometriosis. See a different doctor.......

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