What happens when you die?

    Do you just not exist anymore? Kind of weird to think about........

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    "You sleep as stated in the bible!"

    Three days if you are in understanding, otherwise until your next incarnation. Let them hear it who can. Take it for what it is worth, believe it or not. Amen

    what bible says you sleep? mine tells me you will be known as who you are, so i will be rejoicing with my lost loved ones and will get to hug my daughter again. she has been gone for 7 years and i can't wait. i guess the real answer to your question depends entirely on whether you are saved or not. I'm ready, ARE YOU?
    You stop breathing?
    either heaven or hell simple as that
    eternal life
    don't know about you but I am going to heaven.......
    Ask Jesus, he knows since he already did and now can tell you.
    Our body goes back to where it came from, the nature. Our soul, I don't know and who knows?
    The question will never be answered by human, mystery....thus, God must be there!

    God bless Schubee for a stright forward and honest answer. Most perceptive! For HE who is God will indeed be the profound Presence of Peace in a fullness beyond the measure of the material world. :-)

    translation in english please... sorry no purgitory for mis guided souls
    Condition of Human Dead. The dead are shown to be “conscious of nothing at all” and the death state to be one of complete inactivity. (Ec 9:5, 10; Ps 146:4) Those dying are described as going into “the dust of death” (Ps 22:15), becoming “impotent in death.” (Pr 2:18; Isa 26:14) In death there is no mention of God or any praising of him. (Ps 6:5; Isa 38:18, 19) In both the Hebrew and the Greek Scriptures, death is likened to sleep, a fitting comparison not only because of the unconscious condition of the dead but also because of the hope of an awakening through the resurrection. (Ps 13:3; Joh 11:11-14) The resurrected Jesus is spoken of as “the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep in death.”—1Co 15:20, 21

    Beloved friends, there is nothing to fear in the transition, it is most wonderful to wake up from the dream. For us there is no second death, in understanding of the truth of Truths; Everlasting Life. For us it is simply leaving the interdimensional "suit" behind. This is but an an Ascension from it. Don't be afraid, you are simply waking up. I know I have been there and I look forward to it when it comes again. It was wonderful!
    search "near death experiences"
    I had a nde 25 years ago. Recently, I was diagnosed
    with "bile duct" cancer and have No Fear of passing on.

    God bless you Brother or Sister where ever you are. ;-)
    If you really want to know what heaven is like, read '' Ninety Minutes in Heaven '' written by a man who died in a bad car accident. Then God brought him back to life. He tells you what heaven is like.
    The Bible says, '' In heaven there are no tears ''
    Jesus said, '' In my father's house, there are many rooms''
    .......I go there now to prepare a place for you. From this day forward, you shall dwell with me in paradise ''
    And the Bible says, " In heaven , there is no jew, no gentile,no Greek, no male nor famale, No marriage, or giving in marriage ''
    That means that every one is treated equally in heaven, and that there's no fighting over countries or spouses, or anything .
    I have had a near death experience when I was brought into emergency ten years ago. At the time of leaving my body I was wide awake. It would take a lot of space to explain what happened. But this is what I now know, life goes on. It is not the end.
    your so called friends have a party your other half making new marrige vows "christ that was quick
    You no longer required to answer questions.
    The body is nothing but a pile of dirt, LIFE, is packing around for a while, its like an interdimensional suit, like a space suit or diving suit, one has to take off when back on the surface of the planet. LOL one wouldn't go running around the neighborhood in such a clunky, stinky suit. ;) The Master Jesus sacrificed himself to demonstrate this very thing, for the sake of the Christ; the Life Spirit (also Spirit of Love). It is the Love of Spirit not the Love of a pile of dirt, or body he sacrificed himself or he wouldn't have done it. And we honor and thank HIm, when we understand his Great Love. This understanding will be fulfilled in men by the end of the Aquarian Age :)
    It is not enough to read and quote the Bible but to "HEAR' it. Thus in that Spirit one may draw new Light in the understanding of it. The Bible was but a guide to this very purpose, for the living word is a word understood. By this may one honor this Great Spirit. ;)
    I've been brought back to life too and I know what's on the other side. But I'm not going to tell you what happened because there are too many suicidal people on this site.
    the bible says that? wow. (i'm not a reader)

    Its a troll :( ooops . . apologies this comment was on wrong answer. Yikes :)
    You come back as a dog loved as much as I love my dog, if you are lucky that is.

    People lover, you are not a people lover. Hopefully but a joker. ;-) LOL

    Maybe I should change to "doglover". Second thoughts maybe not I would get a reputation. "He loves dogs" weirdo
    Your buried.......then in 100,000 years someone digs up your skeletal remains and studies your bones.

    And at that point in time it will be 102,011 years since Christ died on the cross and he STILL hadn't returned.


    Truth hurts huh JONADAB?
    Forgive the error my friends my major answer to the question went into the comments to Soupy. LOL
    Humanity is the answer, it is the higher aspect or Spirit of mankind as a whole. This is where the word "Humane" is most descriptive of that Benovelent Spirit. When one knows who one is truly then one will know the answer and the way home. Indeed it will never be answered by mankind alone until mankind finds its "Humaness." :-)
    The "Reality" is there is no such thing as death, where LIFE is concerned. Life is Everlasting, death is a lie. The activity of Life is "living" which is done in the material world; the physical world; the third dimewnsional world; the Temporal world where all things have endings. This is the realm of The Existence,through which the "LIFE" is passing. Therefore the idea of death resides in the activity of living in it. The journey ends and the "LIFE" returns to its proper home, (so to speak). That Divinity of Life is in all men. It is only the personality that fears death not understanding this. Be of good cheer you are an everlasting BEing.
    You didn't exist before you were conceived either :-)
    At death, the breath (spirit), that is encased within the body, leaves its host. It goes back to where it came from. When the breath entered, the structure became a living thing. That living thing must come up out of the structure. Again, it goes back and collected where the rest of the living reside that have no body to return. Every one, who passes, gives the last breath. That last heave outward.

    When the body and the spirit separate, death occurs. The same occurs in sleep, when the body is at rest and the spirit is free to take over the navigation. The things we see and encounter! so Scripture refers to both death and sleep interchangeably. The difference, is in death, one cannot return to the body, in sleep, the body is still alive and can be returned to at will.

    Point is: We return to Him who gave the breath. Same breath passed on from generation to generation since the days of Adam. We have only passed on the breath to each other.

    Your sister,


    With the breath out of the body, the body goes the way of the ground.

    Because the spirit is eternal, alive even in dreams; we await judgment to find if the life it once lived, is worthy of having life.

    Until that day of judgement, all spirits (some refer to it as a soul.. but the soul dies..)wait in what is called the kingdom of God. There is a dark side and a light side of it. Those that are on the darker side, not knowing God, do not have much light. The darker the nature of the individual, the darker the place they are in until judgement. The Lord is light. it is knowlege. Thus, knowing provides light within.

    i wont continue on this topic, but i hope it makes sense to you. We are just waiting judgement. Some of us will be long off the face of this place when that day comes, but those of us who are here on the day of judgment, will be judged first. (the first shall be last and the last shall be first).


    Amen, Amen I say uto you Dreamer. Amen

    you join the long line for heaven or hell depends on whos on the gates of heaven  at the time


    u go to heaven of hell if u go to heaven u get sent down in a new life foem
    I know this one. you go into another world and decide if you want to go on and be with the ones that you love that are dead or you could go back and start life again
    entire world become nill to me,then that will be the starting point of my new birth, i want to enjoy new life as god intention , but i am truely saying i request the god to give same parents, sisters, friends if possible, i will be miss my loving peoples then............ what nillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll till god give new life

    when i dies that time entire world become nill, and that is the starting point of my new life, so i want to enjoy my new life whatever god having intention and everything happens only for good,when i died i feel about my parents, sisters,my lovely friends, if chances for requesting the god there than i ask with the god of same life with same parents and sisters

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