I fail,, i don't know what I'm doing -__-

    My goshh i'm a stupid girl hahah, I'm not very smart ;s

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    I, myself, fail frequently. I keep trying. Most people don't even tell others if they fail.  What's wrong? What have you failed at? You're brave. 

    Lately,I have failed my computer lessons and I am doing not so good in learning finance. 

    Good luck!

    At your age you have time to get wise try to enjoy life. What happen yesterday is pass tommorow can be better


    I'm a senior citizen who has failed hundreds of times. The secret is to keep on until you get it right.

    Just wait. It all makes sense tomorrow...........

    We all fail, but if you just keep trying you have beat all who give up.

    Never give up and you can't fail just try a different direction.

    Believe me I have failed many times, but love were I'm at today......

    Me too.  I am still standing.  The world is weird, not us.  :)

    if you try starting with a question im sure you'll get the hang of it ;)

    You are better than you think. You made the 1st step toward getting better: admitting that you don't know what you are doing. Stupid probably you are not; more likely lazy. Get up, start working now!

    Everyone fails at something at one time or another, it's all part of the learning process.


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