Do you have an Idea

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    Thank you. But, you do not vote for my question. lol!!!


    Correction: Thank you. But, you did not vote for my question. lol!!!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Thank you Pamela, I get you now. Here is a thumbs up for your question.

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    I've had so many invention ideas, the problem is that I don't have the capital to invest into them and can't trust others not to steal the ideas from me. Maybe someday?


    That's how I feel. I only have two good Ideas, and I am not sure who I can trust with them, plus I don't have the money right now. But maybe someday, right?

    Yeah, it sucks that you can't trust anyone to help you with your inventions these days. My friend had an invention that his patent lawyer stole from him. You can't even trust your own lawyer, crazy huh?

    Yes, I have 2 really good Ideas.  I don't want to tell anyone what they are but I would love to take them to the next step.  I spoke to my sister about them and she agrees may we could do something together.  I hope so that would be fun.


    I have a few myself. One is creating a fragrance for men and women, the other is a lingerie shop, along with my real estate business. Also, someday to write a book.

    I wish you all the success and right business partners with your 2 really good ideas. I hope you will have too. :-)

    good luck black3 in your new adventure

    Thank you IamPamela313 and melandrupert. I hope someday I'll come on here and say today was the day, I started my new business. You never know. I wish you well Pamela with all of your ventures. It sounds like your on your way. Good Luck.

    Thanks, Black!

    Yes, well I had one.........


    Try again!!!

    Yes why can we not all be peaceful and helpful to one another?


    Great answer!!!

    I went through invention submission corp., and they just wanted money from me and weren't very helpful with the idea. I went through a company call Davidson, I think, and after our confidentiality agreement expired I saw the invention Ideas we discussed on t.v.

    Who can you trust? I haven't had any luck with invention companies, they're just out for themselves. Patent lawyers just milk you or steal your idea. You have to find a private investor that's trustworthy, a very rare commodity.


    That was awful. How long has this been? If the statue of limitations have not expired, maybe, you can sue.

    Oh, it's been about ten years, I've given up trying to use invention companies, and it's almost impossible to prove that they took your ideas. All they have to do is give your idea to a relative or friend and split the profits.

    Two of my ideas were on morning t.v. shows and both the "inventors", were children. They were probably the children of the people who worked at the invention company?

    Sorry that happened to you... that really sucks!

    Thanks Pam, I still have hope that someday I will get something patented and find an investor that I can trust.

    I did but it slipped my mind.......

    I'm not sure if you want an idea for to get rich easily,or an idea for being famous,or for helping someone in needs, There a saying what profits a men to gain the whole world and loose his soul.I say why do you trouble yourself worrying doesn't do anyone any good,if suddenly you have an idea you will know it from above.


    to make grden pets and scarecrow ,windchime,from recycled plastic bottles and cane sticks


    At least you an idea!!!

    Yes, it is you need to ask a more answerable question!


    Thank you for your response. Raider8763, the question is simple. Here's a few examples...I've a story to tell, write a book. Get it, the book is the "IDEA". Maybe a song to sing, cut a record. Maybe a word or phrase, but it on a tee-shirt. Skys the limit. lol!!!

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