where, are you going

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    sorry, did,nt show the whole ? i was writing the last day at work it was hell, i was terrible, the costumer from hell, i ask my boss to give me, vacation, he did and i am going to the gardersee at italy, !

    What exactly is a vacation?? I've not had one of these in years and years and.....

    vacation ,is all inclusive, all you can eat,all you can drink,evening shows, service at the pool,

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    Where are you going

    "to Hellers to buy a hat

    got damaged in a fire ..." 

    (My grandmother used to say that when I asked "Where are you going?" I regret that I don't know the rest of her saying.  I didn't think I'd ever need it again in my whole entire life!

    WHERE question mark? I don't know but I do know I'm not going anywhere...........

    You never know where your going till you get there..

    I'm going to pick the children up from school(s) and then I'm hightailing it into the city to pick up a pay check from an illustrious payor for gardening services rendered and then to the bank and stop for some grub and then rip back home and prepare my child for a baseball game in a whole 'nother town and cheer up the other as she hates school and needs reassuring that this too will pass and then...I'm already lost....and you?!!!


    on vacation, i need it verry bad

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