if i were to give you a chance to make me happy,how would you do that?

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    Give a bite of my Big Mac,

    ""You really mean that? Well could pick my nose for me while I'm busy talking.


    you would have do that for me Eggy,my fingers are to fat to rummage,up my my nose,

    Tee hee...My nails are too long, they'd scrape your nose to pieces.

    Well, I guess I could bite the bullet and buy you a beer, better still, make me happy and buy me one

    What a sweet question.Think id make you your favourite meal

    Happiness is like a puppy chasing its tail ... when he catches it he lets go and starts again!  I would give you a puppy !



    Looks like this little guy not only CAUGHT his tail, but bit it off, too!

    That's why he's so rambunctious BoB ! LoL

    I would give you the special privilege of paying all my bills! I wouldn't do that for just anyone, except you! Why? Because I want to make you happy by making you that very special person!

    I hope that treating you with respect and being honest with you will make you "happy". Those are two qualities of a friend, in my opinion. 


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