how do i get out of this you did not answer my question

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    5 Answers

    You posted your first question 3 minutes ago! Do you think we are miracle workers? Give us a chance to look at your question! Patience please!

    Buh Bye 

    cray or rather cry baby,

    You asked 2 Qs, you got 2 As. You are out if you never come back, good by!

    I just looked up your questions (both of them) and @country bumpkin answered your first question. I don't know a number for google, maybe someone else does but you have to give them a chance to answer.  If you don't like us, simply don't log on................

    Oh ... Wait! I did answer your question! Was it a helpful answer? It was a little X-rated. I hope you're not a very young person.    @@

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