i dont have an avtive checkin account nor do i have any money on my debit cards and i would like to look for avaiable homes in my area what can i do

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    Seek a private a situation where renovating the home may serve as partial payment while you establish a credit or lease to own...check out foreclosures and forced sales that may be more economical...borrow the money from the bank...or rent a place instead because over time it is far more economically sound. Peace.

    You did say you have debit cards, so you obviously have dealings with a bank or the like, your pay most likely is paid in directly to somewhere, bank or credit union, go to them and ask how much you would be able to borrow, it will then be calculated on your savings and earning potential/ past proof of earnings

    So what exactly are you expecting to do, put a house aside on layaway?!

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