is it advisable for a 55 year old man to try to have kids? and if so, how would he go about finding a woman young enough to have kids who would want to partrner with him to do it??

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    Bringing in another senient creature into this world has always appeared to me as a selfish act, I went through a stage of being furious that two peoples love and lust culminated in MY existence.
    If as a teenager my father had been seventy I would have imploded.
    Sorry about that, but I am sure you will find others far more encouraging and toward your real thoughts.
    As for lily24 above "a life without kids is meaningless in a lot of ways" How wrong thou art.
    My step daughter's father was in his seventies when she was born. He went into a nursing home when she was four and died three years later. She has developed into a bright young adult with a promising future. I like to think I had something to do with that.
    Her mother died at 49 leaving a large hole in our hearts, but life goes on.
    So ... should you have a child at 55 ... why not?
    Where do you find a partner to help you accomplish that feat? Well now, that is a whole different question! :o)
    If you are fit and healthy, go ahead, but remember you will be approaching and over seventy when they are teenagers. That can be demanding, financially and emotionally.

    I think lily24 has the right idea about how to find a woman. You MUST be able to trust her. it would be too easy for a total stranger to see you as a meal ticket. You also need to be sure she wants children, and possibly be prepared to accept children she already has, maybe with contact visits to be arranged with their father, unless she is a widow... I imagine thirties is the youngest you could hope for... try to avoid over 35 if children are the priority, but remember SHE comes first & is entitled to expect to be loved for herself.
    YES, go and get married and have offsprings, their the beautiful jewels that make up this world. a life without kids is meaningless in a lot of ways, they are awesome and want someone to want to live just to see them grow up and protect them, yes, have kids at 55 perfectly normal. about finding a woman, not really sure but asking your relatives to see if they know anyone who wants to partner with you is the best choice, marry someone you or your relatives can trust, do not marry some stranger off the streets, afterall you want the best future for them.

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