I want to become a milloner and I want to help other people as well. What are the simple way to become a milloner?

    I want money and want to become a milloner.

    How can I become a millioner and what are the simple way to fulfil my goal?

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    A good start would be in learning to spell millionaire first.



    Cough! Cough!

    No edit now!!!

    Can you use it in a sentence?  The origin of the word?  OK, let's see:

    m i l l i o n a i r e. 

    When you find out let me know.

    I thought a milliner made ladies' hats.

    first thing to do is LEARN TO SPELL

    It's not that hard anymore. Save every penny you can and invest it wisely. Be cheap, let your interest build in a bank you trust..........

    You can get rich by working long hard hours and days,,you can get rich by investing well,,and you can get rich from inheritance,,and you can be like the rest of us,,save enough to retire comfortably,,which in itself is not easy to achieve,,oh yeah, and if you cannot spell,,chances are you will not be able to count all your money,,so you will never know if you are rich or poor,,,have a good day mate..>>>>>>><<<<<<<< 

    No ,I won't tell you as you would be changed after rolling in money .

    ed shank

    Great answer, you probably saved his life from opulence, sloth and a bunch of other terrible things.

    it,is not enough money,to help others,

    ed shank


    First you need to grow up.  If that doesn't appeal to to you - buy a lottery ticket.  There is a 3rd option, sorry, I'm not going to let you in on that one (I'm already on the trail)... unless... of course... well.... um... how much is it worth to you? 

    Firstly, Correct your attitude, not having enough money also can help others; secondly, set a goal suiting you and fight; thirdly, possess persistence and perseverance. 


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