Smoking on a balcony may soon be banned, already a smoker cannnot smoke in an open shopping mall, a hotel, motel, pub, 3 metres of any door way of a building, a car with kids under 12 years all alfreco dining, school grounds, hospital grounds and all nursing or retirement homes etc.WHAT are your views on this?----  have just watch ' Sunrise' news , yes they want to ban smoking in your own home!!!!! 

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    On your own balcony?

    I smoke in my own home but when my granddaughter is there now it's a big NO NO!

    I have a verandah and if you said I couldn't smoke there I'd.......................................................


    Romos, i smoke outside under the closed pergola with my own table and chair, the doogooders want this outlawed as well, what next---- .
    country bumpkin

    What would you do?

    I wished i could CB, i am well untruly addicted. (not for health but for wealth) been a smoker 47 years.

    The trouble is the smoke wanders to other's windows.

    It`s getting crazier by the day! :-z....the "NANNY STATE"..just got madder/more mad..if that`s possible??;-)...I DON`T smoke but I`M not immune to the odd(16/24)Nicotine patch!!lol..Helps me through my day:-¬...(I just like to think I`m BEING HEALTHY)!!NOT :-)..I like the fact I cut the carbon monoxide bit out!:-¬....IT`S EVERY BIT AS BAD I KNOW :-(....Oh how I hate the nanny state...Prisons are probably about the ONLY place left where you can smoke! ! ! :-(


    You can no longer smoke in jail here in Texas, not even Club Fed...........

    no smoking in ohio prisons either.

    No smoking in prisons??:-0...That sucks:-( (May be they thought too many people would commit crimes...just to have somewhere to go to smoke!:-¬

    How times have changed, back in 1985 when i had my daughter in a major public hospital, we could see our visitors in a visitor room where we could all smoke, babies were also present.Looking back, it makes me shriek in horror, even on public transport it was the norm to "light one up".Nowadays when i have a cigarette in public i feel like a criminal, or it is like back in high school when you would sneak behind the toilets to have one.

    We are being slowly outcasted, i wonder if they will stop people enjoying an alcoholic drink on their balcony.


    PTH, you are correct, if this becomes law it will set a precedent, alcohol could be next, may be even laughing in a public place!!.

    They know not to push it too far don't worry.As bullet said,if they lost the 65% tax we pay on smokes they would have to find that revenue elsewhere.

    I was told at work I could not smoke, it is in a remote area and I never smoke in the building, I told the government I would comply but demanded my lawful breaks and a casual staff so these could be taken, found an ashtray on a table outside next day

    I personally think it's discrimination.I have been trying to quit for some time but in your own home???  A man's house is his castle.If I want to smoke on my balcony,which I frequently do when the grand kids are over,I will. I dare anyone to try to charge me for it.


    Idon't know why but the minority in Oz always seem to get there way.

    I dont blame you. It will happen in the US next. What are they thinking? How much is a pack of cigarettes where you are? Here it is already 7 dollars a pack.

    Ann, $11 - 20 pack, $13 - 25, $16+ -30, $19 to $21 - 40's and $25 for a 50's pack. These are the prices for the more popular brands smoked in OZ. -- not cheap, take the %65 tax off that goes to fed and state you would have cheap cigaretts, they figure the high price of cigs., smokers will give them up -- what a crock of sh#@.

    I live in the country and I intend to do as I please!  When the farmers corn gets bigger I could even run nude if I pleased. Maybe they want all smokers to move out of town!


    POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!:-)..Good on you!!!

    Though I never intentionally inflict second hand smoke on anyone, I feel if they wish to really stop people from smoking and were genuinely concerned about health issues they would deem them illegal, instead they choose to make life difficult for those of us that are addicted whilst still picking up the huge tax imposed


    Lamb, the tax on cigarettes, the same as petrol will stop it from being sold illegal --- double standard.

    Absolutely bulletman, my point, in fact I WISH they would take them off the market, it's probably the only way I'd stop, but I know it will never happen

    This is so stupid. How would they know you are smoking on your own balcony, unless they put surveilance cameras on every house.Will cost them a furtune.

    Ann , the authorities are relying on neighbours to dob them in.

    I am a believer  of humans right to kill themselves as long as they don't harm others...

    Smoking does both.

    I used to smoke between ages 16 and 32; I wish I never did.


    Boy I wish we could buy smokes for 7 Bucks!
    We pay $16 for a pack of 25.

    don't you think the pollutants in the air, (not tobacco are even worse? or as bad?)

    I agree smoking SUCKS!!

    and I smoke, go figure!!

    I smoke, I'm sure everybody knows. My husband (1975) never has yet he claimed it was an insult to his own rights when they started banning cigarettes here in Austin. God forbid they come into my own home..........


    I personally think it does come under discrimination.

    I agree bulletman

    yeah that and greedy government! :-0

    Talk about the height of insanity what next a ban on dignity..

    I wish they would add backyards to the smoking bans too. The next door neighbour smokes in his backyard, not in the house.

    The smoke wanders around the corner to our backdoor. Of course, then we have to shut our door and wait for him to stop smoking.

    it`s  NOT just smoking...I THINK IT`S MORE to do with MONEY!!/smokers are deemed one of the groups in the UK to cost the NHS Millions...but yet the Government are happy enuf to spend BILLIONS on war.....we are waiting here for"FAT TAX"!!!:-¬....That`s ano little you really think people are going to give up lovely yummy treats..or pay the extra??It seems to be tax ANYTHING that brings in money!..Alcohol went up loads over the budget...but the MP`S ARE STILL GLUGGING IT DOWN...JUST WE`RE PAYING IT FOR THE PRIVILEGE!!!:-¬....Honestly they`ll be taxing visiting your GRANNY next!!!:-0....(oh they already are by increasing petrol/gas...transport/public)!!.....:-(....THERE SHOULD BE DESIGNATED SMOKING AREAS IN MORE PLACES...SO PEOPLE CAN CHOSE WHERE THEY HANG OUT!!!(imho)!;-)

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