I have a 4 year old, that will be 5 next month!! I have been working on her potty training for quite sometime now. Somedays she does really good, but there are alot of times that she doesn't even tell anyone that she has to go, so she will just pee and poop in her pants!! I try taking her toys and anything else that she likes!! It's really starting to bother me, cause she suppose to be starting school in August!! Does anyone have any suggestions or what else I can do!! I would really appreciate

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    Make a big thing of it when she does use her pot, but don'y make a big thing of it when she doesn't, ie don't tell her off or punish her you will make things worse. sometimes it's very difficult to get children used to a potty, it takes alot of time and patience. Try and be relaxed about it, and let her see that you are relaxed .Good Luck.

    what we did was a lot of praise for using the potty. we would  make up a potty song. like sissy pee pee in the potty sissy pee pee in the potty. then we would clap and make a big deal out of it. try the same thing with poo poo. tell her what a big girl she is and your so proud of her. get other people to help praise her. dad, grandma and grandpa, other relatives. worked for us.

    Have you discussed this with her pediatrician? Without knowing her home life or medical history, it's hard to say. Some kids are just slow learners.  

    You and your little girl are going through a very difficult time.

    I believe the doctors know very little about this condition. As she gets older her self-esteem will suffer even more so the sooner you can get the condtion straightened out, the better it will be.

    Look up ENCORPORESIS. It's probably time to see a psychologist. (I just don't know what they can do but  it will help you to cope with can be very frustrating.) I know a mother who kicked a hole in her wall over this situation. Mom couldn't make plans or get a baby sitter. The little girl couldn't go to birthday parties, etc etc.  

    Try to keep your voice soft. Try to help her keep her self esteem. When she starts school, you will need to talk to the principal and her teacher. I wish you the best in this.

    I know a mom and a grandma who is going through exactly what you are going through. For more information, you can e-mail me. Moderator Colleen will give you my address.

    It is not your fault. Sometimes moms blame themselves. Don't do this!  : ) 

    Try the positive approach. Praise her when she does good, reward her in extreme cases, ignore her when she doesn't go potty....

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