What homemade solution can I make to stop my dog's dry skin??

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    Information here>>

    ask your vet..but in the mean time you can always use something pure like vasoline..but don`t let your dog suffer from scratching and causing wounds..please get him treated!:-¬ (don`t risk lotions and potions that may do him more harm)!!!

    Bathe your dog and use moisterizing shampoo w. Oatmeal. Only bathe him twice a month. Add 2-3  tabelspoons of Flaxseed oil to his food daily until you see a difference.


    just what i was about to say.

    I knew that. I have ESP.

    You can use mineral oil, rub it in his skin. Add some lavender oil and it will help deter fleas (sorry KOTF)



    Dogs are different to us.Put a little lard or beef dripping on top of his food.Even cooking oil will do.He will love it,it will clear his skin up & even make him smell better. I got thid advice years ago from a vet.The Dachsund cross I had at the time had the same proplem & it worked a treat for him.His coat was shiny & healthy inno time.The other thing is...don't bath him too often.they don't need it.A couple of times a month is plenty.

    Try a medicated shampoo called "Betadine".It contains iodine and imparts immediate relief...use it once a week bathing the pup and once a month after skin clears.Peace.

    My daughters dog had very bad skin, dry and itchy, poor thing would scratch until she bled, everything was tried, shampoos, creams, medications but after everything was exhausted and nothing apparently worked long term she started putting apple cider vinegar in her water, I don't know the amount but it has worked, she now has a beautiful shiny coat and hasn't looked back


    Wow. I know vinegar is good for a lot of things but as for dogs, this is a first. I believe you....

    Add a couple pumps of fish oil into each bowl of food. It has helped a dog at the pet clinic I work at.

    Skin so soft from AVON.. Many multy uses also & absorbs into skin, no mess.


    I LOVE that stuff! I used to spray it on the horses to keep the flies and mosquitoes off!! It works a charm! :)

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