how do you enda 51 year merige

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    As noted by others, birthdate is 23 07 2001. (I missed it too.)

    I missed it also, however the question might have something to do with puckie's grandparents.(Just a thought).

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    Have you considered saving the marriage by having some guidance or counseling ?If this is not an option and you want out,  you are the one that is going to have to make these steps, keep in mind that you will need to be emotionally strong and have the strength to survive on your own(it can be done).Good luck.

    You have built up memories. There must have been good times. Maybe you have children together. As the future comes to be, one of you may suffer from an illness. It could be you. Maybe you’d want someone to help you. Someone who understands you.

    After that long with one person, I believe it will be difficult to find a new partner. If one of you has a lot of money, it will be fairlyeasy. A sexy 30 year old woman  or man would gladly marry you. Is this what you want? 

    Maybe things are very bad? Abuse? Addiction? Cheating?  In that case, you need to leave. You did not give enough information.  All marriages go through bad patches. 

    Cheating and addiction might be fixed with proper counseling. I don’t believe abuse can be fixed. It is so dangerous.

    Are you prepared to support the person you’re leaving for the rest of time? This is something to be considered.


    I love your answer. Its all someting to be considered

    Thank you, Ann.

    After 51 yrs beeing married you schould both try to get some counseling by Family Service or maybe a priest  or pastor. There are so many things to consider at your age, especially if one of you or both  have some medical problems. Give it a try first before you make this life changing desicion.

    Pack your stuff. There is a whole new world out there that you have been missing (for better or worse)...

    Try some counselling first....he/she may be able to "help you to leave" or "help you to stay".

    I've never heard of a 51 year long mirage!! That's amazing!Why end such a long phenomenon..that's gotta be a Guinness World record!!



    Smarty pants. :)


    ...Trying to end a fifty one year marriage when you're only 11 years

    old! Care to explain that one?! Come on Puckie, let's hear the rest

    of the story!



    Marriages generally end in the death of one (or both) or via divorce.  Take your pick.  Seeing as you have indicated your age to be 11, why you would have any interest that is other than malevolent in asking such a question, I'd like to know before taking you seriously. 

    According to your profile you are 11 years old. What's up with the question?


    Good observation.

    You both  must be in your 70's . Is Alzheimers disease involved? Some people with this become abusive. Is that a problem? Do you have a new idea for your future?

    Eleven?         Surely early Altzheimers has set in!  @@

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